Silver band made with embossed spirals beside a band of mokume gane. The mokume is made with copper and silver.
Full Moon Joolz

Mokume Gane Ring Silver Spiral 7mm / R256

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This ring is 7mm wide made with mokume gane and sterling silver embossed with spirals. The embossed silver being slightly wider than the width of the mokume. The inside of the ring is lined with sterling silver.

  • Approximate width of ring: 7mm // a little over 1/4”
  • For different width, please contact us.

These style of rings are made with at least 3 different moving parts plus the mokume itself that consists of 21 layers of silver and copper with heavy sterling silver backs. Due to the parts able to move while soldering, these rings can have little imperfections between the silver edge and the mokume.

Copper is a softer metal than sterling silver and reacts faster with the everyday wear. The lines can get more pronounce, sometimes it can look almost like a topographical relief. The mokume can change from day to day in colour, contrast and shape. The ring becomes more and more beautiful with wear and time. Because of the nature of mokume the pattern varies and no two rings are exactly alike.

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Designed and handcrafted on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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