About us

Two artists, Stephanie Artz and Simon Rompré, have designed and made jewellery full-time on beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada for over 30 years. Besides attending artisan exhibitions across Canada, they sell their unique creations online, internationally, at local galleries and Salt Spring Island’s famous Saturday Market.

Living and working on an island surrounded by nature opens them up to new design idea, getting inspired by outdoor activities. While cycling, hiking or kayaking they are surrounded by moving light and dark shapes and forms such as spirals, waves and crossing lines. These can be transformed into a beautiful piece of jewellery that evokes an emotional response in the wearer and brings back memories of time spent in nature.

Stephanie and Simon commonly combine various precious metals, aiming to create jewellery that is unique and often non-traditional.

  • To compose a copper necklace, for example, you start by first deciding on the shape of the pendant and then place and fit together silver spirals and forms with brass accents onto the shape. The light and dark colours of contrasting metals can create an almost three-dimensional looking pendant. 
Folded rectangular copper pendant with 3 silver spirals, 3 small pieces of brass, blue/green patina
  • In a ring, by combining sterling silver and 14K gold, you can contrast and balance cool and warm tones. We also employ patinas to “age” a piece. All of our jewellery pairs well with traditionally designed gold jewellery, giving you the freedom to wear your favourite jewellery all at once.

Silver ring with waves and 2 spirals of silver and 14k gold fitted around the silver and black patina design.

Stephanie at the local Farmer's Market on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada